Coordinate your research group‘s activities through a digital collaborative platform. Improve collaboration and engagement with peers and publics. Use our bespoke Digital Research Notebooks (customised OneNote notebooks) to integrate your research tools ecology.

Have a look at OneNote’s potential for research and explore a demo of a Digital Research Notebook 

What we do

We analyse your research tools and practices ecology and design bespoke OneNote notebooks to support the coordination and integration of your research group’s activities.

We provide tailored training to each member of your research group or project to facilitate the individual and collective adoption of the Digital Research Notebooks.

How we do it

We use innovative Participatory Design methods developed for supporting the adaptation and adoption of collaborative technologies and organizational learning.

We offer online and onsite continuous support  for the duration of the research project.

With whom

We are available to support research groups and projects, academics, NGOs, community groups and small teams.


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