Move your use of digital tools for research  beyond note taking and dissemination. Improve your data capture methods, analysis, paper writing  and collaboration practices. Take our research training in OneNote (Microsoft Office).

Have a look at OneNote’s potential for research and explore a demo

What we do

Our training focuses on how OneNote can support many of the research activities:


How we do it

– 2 hour introductory workshops

– 2 day in depth workshops

– 8 week blended learning training (workshops and online training)

With Whom

We are available to support PhD Students, Early Career Researchers, academics, NGOs, community groups and small teams.


Send us an email, we’re happy to help.


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Support pages for Conference workshops:

ECER (European Conference of Educational Research) 2015, Budapest, Hungary

ESERA (European Science Education Research Association) 2015, Helsinki, Finland