Doing Collaborative or Participatory projects

Some features of our digital research notebooks are uniquely suited to support Collaborative or Participatory projects as they account for the diversity and openness of activities, facilitate accessibility and engagement between all participants, at various levels.

The notebooks are:


Free and available across platforms and devices (Win, Mac, mobile, web);

Intuitive to use  like a notebook and highly customisable;

Work with handwriting, text, images, audio, videos and files (word, pdf excel, …);

Users can be viewers or editors, are identifiable and can be granted access to different content.


Articulating paper and digital work;

Facilitating collaboration in taking notes, brainstorming, preparing meetings,  doing institutional work, literature reviews, transcribing, annotating with handwriting, text, audio or video, hyperlinking and coding; keeping a journal, writing memos, papers and reports, etc.


Participants can: work collaboratively in deciding, prioritizing and monitoring tasks by to-do lists or in the actual pages where they are developed; communicate amongst them by tagging any piece of text or object with icons like: to-do’s, to think, vote, collaborate, etc. Tags can be searched and summary reports generated.


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