Project Managing

You can do macro and micro project management in our digital research notebook.

The macro project management of tasks is made in the Logger section, organised by months and weeks.

On a weekly basis, relevant tasks are organised by themes and authors, with direct links to the pages where they are being developed. Tasks can be prioritised, using drag and drop (highest priority on top); attributed to participants and monitored by adding information on development status. Tasks can be searched using tags, such as to-do, to think, etc. and summary reports on tags can be generated.

This space facilitates the management of tasks and also provides a birds-eye view of the ongoing of the project, to participants with different levels of engagement. It also generates an history of the development of the project helpful for reflexivity and transparency.

Micro management of tasks is made, not in a separate tasks’ page, but in their actual context. On the pages where the activities are being developed, any paragraph or file can be tagged. A search and summary function allows you to collect together these tasks, by location, author, or time. This procedure has the advantage of including tasks in their context and at the same time have a birds-eye view, which facilitates prioritisation.


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